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so nachte and i were talking about eridan in a wedding dress and


here you go

im using him to vent my frustrations again sorry followers lol

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kanaya got upset that she didn’t have any new models so rose “volunteered” dave into service. he griped about it but then came back for another dress. then another. eventually he got really elitist about it and he and kanaya would sit around and talk about fashion 24/7. he really likes the dresses. they make him feel manly. 100% canon

yes perfect A+

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Dave’s Dress.





@striderstruck like i said i would

i didnt expect myself to put this much effort in it tho

You are a beautiful human being. ; u ; <3

and boner.

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i’m sorry this is such a weird blog

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this person influences me far too much

cross dressing john is a great, everybody should draw him like this

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new au: karkat becomes new Gyaru fashion idol 

( I didnt realize how hilariously out of place the legs were until later omg)

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it is a CRIME to look this good

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Greaser Meenah/Poodle skirt Aranea

Something I’ve been wanting to draw ever since mokou mentioned it a few days ago. 

I really love Meenah and 50s outfits. 

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# good


clothing trade ‘u’