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davekat in dresses or in a sexy(but dorky) pose please? >v<
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Troll guys in skirt.

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idk what the fuck is going on here
you can have your own conclusions or something

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(in reference to this post)

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# well


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Karkles all ready for Prince John to save him~♥

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Karkat can be really pretty when he tries.



Everyone around me is talking football

and I’m

drawing Karkat in dresses.

It’s not my fault omgthatdress have been posting very appealing things all day.

It is also not my fault that somebody made me think of Karkats in dresses.

I just

don’t really have any way to justify this other than “I felt like it”.

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20$ Fullcolor + detailed Background picture
Of John and Karkat
Passionately doing the tango.

Yes please.

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Uhm here’s more of this.

I have difficulty marrying this image I have in my head of this beautiful elegant porcelain doll Karkat-in-a-dress and the chubby-cheeked, red-faced off-with-his-head red queen that is truer to his character.

Taz said she wanted to know more about this but honestly there isn’t anything to it, it’s just an excuse to draw stupid pretty Karkat in a dress. Mostly because I can’t imagine any way in which it doesn’t end horribly depressingly horribly depressing.

Like when I let my mind wander I see Sir Harley being mortally wounded in battle, and Queen Karkat flies off the handle, mounts a majestic white war hoofbeast and goes all Boudica warrior-queen on everybody’s asses.

Which, minus the warrior-queen part, is really lame! Sorry! I’m not very good at this sort of thing.

Adding warrior-Queen Karkat to the list of things I’ll be drawing this weekend though.

IN OTHER NEWS, I’ve rejoined the 21st century after an absence of nearly three years. You can now chat me up on AIM at soupsecret ! I can’t guarantee I’ll be very chatty though. I’m pretty famous for getting distracted by shiny things and leaving conversations dangling….


I was at the AUSA midnight draw party for a little while—I was there when it began, but only was able to stay awake long enough to draw two artist trading cards, then I had to go crash. I have such trouble staying up late without much sleep nowadays…

Anyway, the trading cards I drew were this here Karkat in a dress, and also a Roxy Lalonde shaded in pink. (Which I forgot to photograph ‘cause I suck.) I hope whoever got my cards enjoys them!

(The card I picked up from the box of cards was a rockin Meenah by everyonesahero, who I completely missed while I was at con, alas.)