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where did that breeze came from

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D—> just modeling some outfits of mine looking so fab


homestuck fandom, i am SEVERELY disappointed by the fact that we’re five freakin days into march already and i have not seen ONE picture of march cronus as a 50’s pinup gal >:[___]

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Figured I might as well slap some colours on him finally

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before i go to bed i thought id do a little doodle to cheer kino up because she seems a bit under the weather. Be strong! like a fish alien boy in a dress.

holy SHIT k this is awesome


this was gonna be a set but nah i got lazy

tryna make up for my awful dragstuck modding

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Meenah and Feferi swanking it up mafia-style for Vintar!

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hey hey captaincrapster! I was your timeline doki hellooo!!

god I haven’t drawn homestuck in forever I really hope this is ok HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY

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rose would love to carry dave but john and jade have her beat in terms of arm strength